About this Issue: Spring/Summer 2022

In the study of literature, transformational stories are often referred to as “Cinderella stories.” Just like the classic fairy tale, they involve main characters who are downtrodden by their circumstances or looking for a better way of life. While the characters face many trials and obstacles along their journey, their story ultimately concludes with a happy ending. Their life is improved beyond expectations.

At Saint Leo University, we are in the business of making real-life transformational stories possible. Within our community are students who have overcome physical and mental challenges to attend the university or who have become the first in their families to attend college. There also are stories of alumni who have faced failure, only to use it as a lesson, and then rise up stronger than they were before.

In this issue of Spirit Magazine, we take a look at just some of the transformational stories taking place at Saint Leo. You’ll read about how the grounds of University Campus have been transformed with the addition of new buildings that will help to enhance the student experience, and you’ll also find stories about our alumni who have worked tirelessly to achieve personal success, as well as success in the communities they serve.

Transformational stories inspire and motivate us in a way that resonates. They tell a truthful tale not just of success and happiness, but of the difficult journey to get there. In these challenging times, we could all benefit from hearing more stories of transformation. They serve as a good reminder that even though we may be walking through a dark valley today, it is possible to start a journey toward the mountain top tomorrow.